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elenianna S.M.P.C

All six blends of helleo soap in one beautiful package, ideal for vacation, business travel, souvenir or business gift. Contains 6 soaps 30gr (Spirulina & Green tea, Prickly pear & Aloe vera, Honey & Thyme, Pomegranate & Red wine, Black beer & Rosemary, Chamomile & Calendula).
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A premium selection of authentic food products
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41% alc. A long aging essence, the newest component in the blend has matured for 5 years in French and American barrels that had previously hosted red wine and Vinsanto. The finish is shocking, the long maturation lends aromas of dried fruit and complex character xirokarpato while it softens and rounds this unique quality elixir.
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Every sip is characterized by the taste of vanilla, almond and cinnamon into an harmonious overall effect.
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Metaxa 12-Star is the most mature of the regular range of Metaxa Greek spirits, and there’s a push on to familiarize American palates with this classic Greek drink, or the Original Greek Spirit.
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